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The story: The Government announced this week that from July 24 it will be compulsory to wear face masks in shops. Earlier, we had asked Chronicle & Echo readers for their views.

If you believe that a face mask doesn’t limit how far you project the majority of what you cough and splutter out, then you need to give your head a wobble. Do they completely stop covid or other harmful diseases, no. But they stop the distance it can spread from a person, thus giving us all a better chance.

Gary Painting

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Many things have been introduced six weeks too late. Quarantine should have been at the time it was decided not in 6 weeks, masks should have been the same time. It’s too little too late but I guess hindsight is a great thing.

Lorraine Blake

Hindsight is great so why don’t we use it and introduce mandatory face masks and see if it does help or not. If it doesn’t after six weeks we can go back, but maybe people being forced to wear them might make them remember to keep two metres apart and be mindful of other people or maybe have an illness that is deadly if they catch covid-19 but they still want to lead a ‘normal’ life too.

Debbie Vint

If there had been a spike in cases of supermarket staff with covid then I’d say yes but there hasn’t. My daughter works at a Waitrose and she has never been advised to wear a mask. So it seems double standards and a little too late.

Alison Jane

Don’t think it’s the masks that are the issue, it’s the ignorance and selfishness of the “I won’t get it, crowd”. We have been shielding my parents, have not left the house for 16 weeks, my mum has had letter saying stay in until August 1, My mum is so worried wouldn’t even sit on her own garden. People that think the threat is over obviously doesn’t have anyone high risk in their family.

Julie Nash

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I wear one because I have a severe asthma and unfortunately as much as I would like to avoid going out there are times I have no choice. I still social distance and it upsets me that people seem to think everything is back to normal and will walk right next to me. I don’t mind what others do but I think I may in future being making this a habit.



I haven’t worn a mask at all so far but I’m going to wear one for the first time tomorrow. I went to one store on Friday as usual and I didn’t feel safe at all. People in there were behaving as if the virus had completely gone. It was so bad that I’ve decided not to shop there again but I need to go for the last time to get a couple of things that I can’t get elsewhere. That is the only reason I’m going to wear a mask. Just think it’ll make me feel a bit safer. After tomorrow it’s back to my lovely very safe Sainsbury’s.

Lynn Key

It is common sense and contrary to many comments, it has been proved that three things are most helpful in stopping the spread, masks, social distancing and handwashing. Until everyone who can does as much as they can we will all be bulnerable to a dreadful disease. When everyone who can does then deaf people and emphasema sufferers will feel safe to go out and will not need a mask.

Shena Cooper

Some masks that are worn are not fit for purpose, ie hurriedly made by companies that were taking advantage of a bad situation.

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Some people wear the same mask for too long so that any germs they may have are festering right in front of them. One sneeze and out they come. This is particularly the case when they are a bit of a fashion statement.

They are often not disposed of properly.

As a former operating theatre staff member, I support but only if done properly.

Don’t get me started on some of the disgusting gloves I have seen people wear. They may be protecting themselves, but not others.

Rupert Sligh

I only wear one out of respect for other people who may feel more comfortable that I did. I literally am not worried about it otherwise. I’m more concerned about carrying it unknowingly and someone else picking it up.



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Lots of people treated supermarkets like magically realms where the coronavirus didn’t exist from day one. Supermarkets are highly exposed environment for everyone and even more so for the amazing staff who worked continuously throughout only to be abused and threaten for asking people to follow health and safety procautions. If people got upset about staying 2 metres away from other customers, following arrows on the floor and queuing up, they aren’t going to be happy about being told to wear a face mask. And sure as hell the staff don’t need anymore abuse for trying to enforce

it. It’s all too little too late.

Lisa Elspeth

The truth is it’s not about you, it’s about protecting others who can’t protect them selves and are forced out into shops despite having chronic illness etc.

Lou Smith

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