We need the community to help tackle Northampton's litter

The readers' letters in the Chronicle & Echo on April 7 show the concern that many of us have about littering and fly-tipping.

Monday, 18th April 2016, 9:22 am
Updated Monday, 18th April 2016, 12:45 pm

The Chron comment from the opinion page of this issue includes a valid point that it’s not just about getting the council to organise an extra clean up, everyone needs to make sure they put their rubbish in the bin.
Litter makes an area look run down, encourages more litter, can be a health hazard and be harmful to the environment and wildlife.
I believe that community groups such as residents’ associations can help by working with the Council’s neighbourhood and environmental wardens through organised community clean-ups run together with litter awareness campaigns.
Many residents’ associations or similar groups currently have a low level of support and participation perhaps because a lot of local residents are not aware of the existence of these groups.

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To find out if an area has a residents’ association or similar it’s probably going to be necessary to make a few enquiries. Local shops, community centres and libraries might know. The ward councillors and the local neighbourhood warden for the council are sure to know.
Most residents’ associations are in need of more participation from people in their area, including people to take a lead or helping with varied activities which might include anti litter/fly-tipping campaigns, getting funding for children’s outdoor play equipment, social events, producing a newsletter, maintaining a website.
A thriving residents’ association can do so much in promoting good community spirit and keeping the area tidy.