Letter: Where have our public park toilets gone?

Letter writer Christine Winborne found it diffcult to spend a penny in Northampton during a Christmas walk...

Thursday, 10th January 2019, 10:12 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 3:09 pm

Every new year we don our walking gear, stoke up with an excellent lunch at the Giggling Sausage, then begin burning off the Christmas calories by walking up the drive of Delapré Abbey.

The avenue eventually takes us, these days, to the university and then a decision, Beckets Park or Midsummer Meadow.

We hoped that the Outpost café would be open, for a drink and, more importantly their facilities. Sensibly, they had chosen to close for the day, giving their staff a break. A problem for us though, as the public toilets in Midsummer Meadow were knocked down and never replaced.

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So we turned back.

There was no point in walking through Beckets Park as the public toilets were knocked down and never replaced. Instead we made our way back to the abbey.

The café was enjoying a day off, just like the Outpost. The public toilets were locked as restoration of the house began so walkers and other park users rely on toilets which are not the responsibility of the borough council. Despite tiring legs we walked as swiftly as one can up London Road and home, just in time.

Three lovely parks within the town and not one public toilet.

No wonder they are underused by adults or families. Where would a parent take a small child?

Where would those with rather sensitive bladders go?

Oh yes, stay at home or make the walk very short. On a sunny day that seems a terrible shame. Please do not plead a lack of cash. This is years of neglect and negligence.

Abington Park has cared-for facilities, why not our other beautiful open spaces?

Christine Winborne, Northampton