'It's been a week of Cummings and goings in politics at home and abroad...so what happens next?

Dominic Cummings Picture: Getty ImagesDominic Cummings Picture: Getty Images
Dominic Cummings Picture: Getty Images

They say a week is a long time in politics... it certainly seems to have been so since last Thursday.

You could say it’s been a week of Cummings and goings, as well as one or two isolations, be they self-imposed or otherwise. Is there now blood in the waters of Westminster?

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It’s been fascinating to witness the latest reporting from the United States, with Donald Trump’s social media giving no hint that the presidential election is anything like over.

Early indications that he might have finally accepted what is otherwise universally understood to be defeat at the hands of Joe Biden, were positively crushed by successive tweets from Trump’s Twitter feed, as well as the claims of alleged (but at the time unsubstantiated) and widespread electoral fraud from long-time ally, Rudy Giuliani.

About the only target that the Trump camp seemed not to be aiming at was the Kremlin.

If Mr Trump’s social media statements are anything to go by, it will be a long time before there is genuine acknowledgement of any kind of change in the administration, or of a new tenant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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During the week, rumours of book and TV deals abounded and I wouldn’t be in the slightest surprised if there isn’t a film pitch or two currently being considered.

Famously, during the 80s, and long before he astounded the entire political world by installing himself in The White House, Donald Trump was asked who he would choose to have playing him if his story was turned into a film. His unhesitatingly direct answer was perhaps as unsurprising as it was egotistical when he replied that he would choose himself.

No doubt the same would be the answer were he to be asked again, now.

The political scene in the US might have something of a parallel brewing here in the UK. On Monday there was interesting commentary beginning to build as to the future of our current prime minister with, reportedly, the current chancellor eyeing up opportunities to perhaps evict his neighbour next door.

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The optics for this are perhaps inescapable, but if the departure of Messrs Cummings and Cain are an indication of anything, maybe they are an indication of a new broom sweeping clean or a cabinet reshuffle in the not too distant future.

Characterised as a ‘Reset’ by some, including Boris himself, last week we were introduced to the idea that there could be a different kind of power behind the throne, a domestic one.

Is Carrie Symonds the First Lady of Downing Street?

The PM might be in self-isolation, one wonders if he is also in negotiations in the top floor apartment at Number 10.

Mr Cummings is still in the employ of the government, albeit working on different projects to those from last week. I wonder if he too, like Trump, has a slew of book offers now being slipped under his front door to consider…

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There was one other departure which caught the attention, the death of Des O’Connor.

At a time when so much name-calling and negativity abounds, it was balancing to read – and for me to participate – in some of the many tributes to a man apparently revered by all who encountered him as an entertainer or perhaps a colleague.

Locally, the Cobblers tweeted their condolences over the 88-year-old who died suddenly, but peacefully, in his sleep after a recent fall at home.

Truly a public figure held in universal affection, I’m sure he’s enjoying being the butt of new sketches with Morecambe and Wise.

RIP, Des. Thanks for the smiles.