'Council is sticking in the final dagger to kill off Northampton's market'

Letter to the editor

By Chris Chan
Saturday, 26th February 2022, 4:55 pm
Updated Saturday, 26th February 2022, 4:58 pm

The previous councils have slowly killed off the town, by not providing sufficient ways to assist all traders not just the market stall holders. Now the WNC are sticking in the final dagger in the market stall holders back to kill them off, that will likely take less than two years.

Councillors are elected to fulfil the people's needs. Relocating the market to a site "accessible" by car won't help the environment nor those that travel in by bus.

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Northampton Market Square

It may prove to be the "bridge" too far for many shoppers and those not able to walk from the bus station.

The far superior proposal, that has my vote, to use Abington St to host the market being rejected due to planned improvements appears weak at best. It has also been stated that use of Abington St would create a "restriction". Well, it would not be as bad as hosting the fair.

The Abington St "improvements" could be delayed until the Market Sq refurbishment has been completed.

It could also have the added bonus of cyclists being forced to walk their bikes rather than cycle through a "non-cycling" pedestrianised area.

By using Abington St, it provides beneficially mutual footfall to both market stall holders as well as local high street shops, providing a sense of community rather than creating disparities and feeling of isolation.

Further, WNC should at this time be encouraging and assisting new market stalls as well as existing ones to operate.

I can only hope WNC come to their senses, by listening to, be transparent and action in accordance with the people's view.

Chris Chan

Billing Rd