Nursery in Northampton saved after parents sign up at revived building

Repairs made to a Northampton community centre appear to have saved the nursery housed in it from closure.

Wednesday, 8th June 2016, 6:28 am

Managers at Standens Barn Pre-school, in Topwell Court, warned earlier this year its registration was in danger as the heavily vandalised building was repelling prospective parents, at least 18 of whom were needed so it could continue.

But after 16 windows were repaired and a security fence erected to stop vandals repeating the damage, parents have been impressed.

As a result, deputy manager Louise Noon said the nursery would remain open into next year.

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She said: “In the first days since the work was done, three sets of parents have signed their children up.

“We plan to be around next year now and that’s great for the children in this area.”

The smashed windows had been boarded up at the borough council-owned building for three years.

After the security fence - complete with new access gate - was installed, Community Spaces Northampton, which runs it, finally replaced the window panes.

Mrs Noon said: “It makes a huge difference. We had been told by Ofsted that 50 per cent of the room must have natural light, so we had to do it. But it perks the children up straight away and it’s lovely for them.

“They’re much happier now.”