Northamptonshire woman says having a baby when she was 53 had ‘no downside’

A Northamptonshire woman who had a baby when she was aged 53 says she has “no regrets” about giving birth later in life.

By Callum Jones
Tuesday, 10th March 2015, 10:39 am
Debbie Hughes, of Daventry, gave birth naturally aged 53
Debbie Hughes, of Daventry, gave birth naturally aged 53

Debbie Hughes, now aged 57, of Daventry, gave birth naturally to her son Kyle at Northampton General Hospital four years ago.

During an interview on ITVs Lorraine show on Monday, Miss Hughes said there are no downsides to being a mother in her fifties.

She said: “I have no regrets at all, it’s wonderful and everyone has been supportive, Northampton hospital and my GP gave me loads of support.

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“Kyle’s four in June, he’s a handful but he’s lovely, He’s younger than my two granddaughters who are five and six so he’s their uncle but they will grow up more like cousins.”

Miss Hughes, who has two sons Mark, aged 26, and Brandon, aged 11, and a daughter, Hayley, who died tragically just a week before her 18th birthday, said having a baby later in life was not a problem for her.

She said: “I act younger and feel younger, I keep myself trim.

“There’s no downside, to me it’s no different. I have been a mum since 1979 so I never had an empty nest. Just when I think they are growing up I’ve had another one, as I have massive age gaps between them all. It’s normal for me.”

Miss Hughes, who works as a jewellery assistant, said she had no plans to become a mother again when she fell pregnant with her then partner Paul Clarke, 47, a heavy goods vehicle driver, as she had been taking the contraceptive pill.

Miss Hughes said: “It just happened, I started noticing weight around my tummy and a couple of people pointed it out.

“I thought I can’t be pregnant, not at my age. I got a test and then another one and another one - four in total.

“When I went to my doctor he nearly fell off the chair. But when I showed him the tests he said, “well, you definitely are”.

Despite being in her fifties, Debbie said the pregnancy was “fine” and she had no health concerns.

She said: “I didn’t put on any surplus weight, I didn’t feel tired. In some ways it was better than some of my other pregnancies. I just got on with it.”