Northamptonshire politicians start to react to news UK will leave the EU

East Midlands has voted to leave the EU  ANL-160624-043645001East Midlands has voted to leave the EU  ANL-160624-043645001
East Midlands has voted to leave the EU ANL-160624-043645001
Politicians in Northamptonshire are starting to give their reaction to the news that the UK has voted to leave the EU.

Emma McClarkin, Conservative MEP for the East Midlands, “A new day has dawned for the British people. The destiny of our great country is in our hands. Britain will now be a freer, more democratic and prosperous country. Our future today is bright.

“Having campaigned for a Leave vote, I am naturally absolutely delighted that, against all the odds, the force of our arguments has cut through and resonated with a majority of the British people.

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“I hope that those in the remain campaign will now accept the result as the settled will of the British people, and work positively to help ensure a swift, orderly and friendly exit from the EU for the United Kingdom.

“We must now all work in the national interest and it is now up to us as politicians to deliver the will of the British people. I look forward to helping out in any way I can in the days months and years ahead.”

MP for Daventry, Chris Heaton-Harris, said: ““With an 81 percent turnout and nearly 59 percent of those voting wanting to leave the European Union, the people of Daventry have spoken on this important issue. I’m pleased we have a leave vote and now we need to come together and work together to grasp the opportunity we have created for our country with both hands.”

Tom Pursglove, MP for Corby, tweeted: “A fantastic result in #EastNorthamptonshire too - always proud of my constituency, but this is very special. Huge well done to all involved.”