Northamptonshire men ‘not picky’ over online dating but county women are more ‘hard to get’, claim

Men in Northamptonshire are ‘not picky’ when it comes to online dating, according to new research, but women are more ‘hard to get’.
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The study has been carried out across the country, according to the company behind it, trying to find where is the choosiest place when it comes to meeting a potential partner.

A spokesperson for social dating app, TrueView, said it had thrown up some interesting results.

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“Firstly, they found out that men shouldn’t really spend much of their time on women from Northamptonshire, as - with a score of just 2.3 – they’re some of the least likely in the whole country to respond to dating app messages.

“However, women from Northamptonshire would be on to a fairly sure thing, as men there scored an impressive 3.8 in the league table, and so would be pretty willing to become engaged in an online conversation.

“The real winners turned out to be women from the Isle of Skye; they were rated the least choosy in the country - perhaps because they’re quite isolated from the mainland and keen to talk to, well, anyone! Women wanting a reply to their messages should also look for men from Swansea or Shropshire; they also scored a perfect 5.

“But what’s the key to getting someone to reply to you in the first place? Researchers found the users who have a word count of between 10-20 in their biography tended to get a quicker and more successful response than users who used fewer than 10 words, or more than 20. So both men and women should remember that sometimes, less is more.”

Matt Verity, co-founder of TrueView, says:

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“Whilst these results make interesting reading, we wouldn’t suggest you pack your bags and up and leave to an area with a better response rate! However, you can take proactive steps to have a more successful online dating experience. For example, we have found that people who date others with similar interests and who go on more interesting dates develop a higher level of attraction. Much better than relying on the local coffee shop and the same list of interview questions.”