Northamptonshire children's message of peace for the world will be unfurled his weekend

A banner carrying a message of peace and understanding featuring the artwork of five Northamptonshire primary schools will be unveiled this weekend.

Thursday, 25th July 2019, 6:57 pm
Ken Howlett says he has seen all the artwork made for the I AM Human project - and "the future looks good".

Earlier this year, over 1,500 children from across town were asked what they would say to help bring the world closer together.

Now, the artwork they created has been drawn together to create a two-metre tall message for the human race.

And this Sunday, the "I Am Human" project featuring the children's messages will be unfurled at the Northampton Mela on Becket's Park.

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Hundreds of Northamptonshire children were asked what they would say to the world to help bring people together.

"The artwork is just fabulous," said Ken Howlett, chairman of the Inter-Faith Forum and the community project. "If today's children are thinking like this then the future looks good."

The five Northamptonshire primary schools - East Hunsbury, Castle Academy, Weston Favell, Denton and Yardley Hastings - were asked in assemblies what they wanted to see in the world and why they thought human conflict existed.

As a result, hundreds of children channelled their thoughts into artwork about how the world could be better.

From this, over 60 pieces of art have been combined to make the banner.

"A message from our children" will be unveiled this Sunday on Becket's Park for the Mela festival.

One young artist wrote: "Together we can re-unite. NO matter what religion, race, beliefs or gender, we can make the world a better place, by starting with YOU!"

Ken said: "The message from these children is it doesn't matter where you're from, what you speak or what you look like, we're all part of the same human family and it's time we got together.

"I'm so grateful I got to be involved in this project. The staff from each school have been so helpful and the children have been fabulous."

The banner will be unfurled as part of the third annual Northampton Mela Festival this Sunday (July 28) on Becket's Park.

Artwork from five Northamptonshire primary schools feature as part of the project.
"The artwork by the children is just fabulous."