Northampton volunteer driver wins heartfelt thanks

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-180205-135448001

A Northampton volunteer driver has been hailed as a local hero for his two decades of selfless dedication to a community charity.

Peter Lindfield, who drives for the Northampton Volunteer Car Scheme has been celebrated after 20 years of volunteering in the town.

His dedication has been rewarded with a Northampton Borough Council ‘Heart of the Community Award’, the ceremony of which took place at the Guildhall.

The Northampton Volunteer Car Scheme supports elderly and disabled people in the Borough of Northampton and Grange Park, who need help to get to their medically related and wellbeing appointments.

The volunteer drivers are the lifeblood of the scheme, without them it would not be able to support the 1,000 passengers, who last year attended over 13,000 appointments.

Peter, from Kingsthorpe, joined the roster after a spinal injury meant he had to retire from the building industry.

Having always enjoyed helping others he decided to do something in the voluntary sector, the car scheme seemed just the right voluntary roles for him.

Peter said: “I enjoy the satisfaction of doing something well and volunteering has had such a positive impact on my life.

“I’ve learned how to interact with people with special support needs and their appreciation and friendliness means I get as much back as I put in - if not more.

“Anyone thinking of volunteering should get involved; it will make a big difference, not just for others but for you’.

Peter and his fellow volunteer drivers average 550 voluntary hours of journeys per month, which across the year would be equivalent to a value of £564,000.

Sally Jones, Car Scheme Coordinator, said: “We cannot thank him enough for all that he does for the Car Scheme.”

To volunteer please contact the car scheme on 01604 628234 or