Northampton residents rejoice as 'dangerous' path fixed after years of complaining

Northampton residents who have had to put up with a 'dangerously' uneven path for years are rejoicing after they were finally fixed.

Friday, 5th July 2019, 5:32 pm
Debbie Tompkins (left) and Dianne Finnie by the newly-fixed path between Tonmead Road and Mounts Court

The path between Tonmead Road and Mounts Court in Lumbertubs had several large concrete slabs jutting upwards without being secured to the ground.

After years of complaining to no avail, Northampton Borough Council finally mended the path on Tuesday (July 2), .

Neighbour Debbie Tompkins said it makes a 'world of difference' having waited for the repairs ever since they moved in five and a half years ago.

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"I've seen kids fall over but when you've got a pregnant woman or an older person going on them it's just not good and it's quite busy along here so I'm surprised nobody has done any serious damage to themselves. But hopefully touch wood, it's all done now," she said.

Brookside Residents' Council chairman Dianne Finnie is also pleased to see the path back to how it should be, as she had been trying to get the council to take action after tripping over the hazards two months ago.

Ms Finnie described the path to the Northampton Chronicle & Echo last month as 'appalling and dangerous' before it was fixed.

She said: "If we can get anything done like this, we do try our best, we've had lots and lots of things done on these estates, like gates and bollards put up, and just trying to keep on top of it. And this was just the last straw."

The council has been contacted for comment.