Northampton holiday park pitch price rise leaves caravan owners 'outraged'

Caravan owners at a Northampton holiday park are up in arms after the site owners opted to put pitch fees up by three per cent just before Christmas.

Friday, 10th November 2017, 5:19 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 2:00 am
Holiday home owners are "outraged" at a recent ground rent rise at Billing Aquadrome.
Holiday home owners are "outraged" at a recent ground rent rise at Billing Aquadrome.

And the residents of Billing Aquadrome, who cannot live on the site all year round, are also angry about a recent ruling that has seen them now required to pay for an expensive gas safety inspection.

Pitch fees at the Crow Lane holiday park are set to rise by three per cent when caravan owners return from the January winter break.

But residents say the rise cannot be justified, when there has been numerous complaints concerning the way the grounds have been maintained in recent months.

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One owner, who has been there for six months and pays £4,200 a year in ground rent, will have to find an extra £260 a year and also needs to fork out £114 for a gas inspection.

He said: "People are outraged about this, especially to announce it so close to Christmas.

People don't have £114 to spend on a gas inspection, they are furious."

Several residents have taken to the Facebook group "Billing Aqua Chat" to voice their dismay at the price rise. The gas inspection can only be carried out by one of Billing Aquadrome's approved contractors.

Others have contacted the Chron to state how they feel the rent rise cannot be justified when many maintain their own plots.

Recent reviews on TripAdvisor complain at the state of the park.

"Just cut our three-day break here short and returned home after two," wrote Julie F From Gloucestershire in September. "Place is unloved, uncared for and in a poor state."

Our source, who did not wish to be named, said; "They are not being specific about why they need to raise the price - they are just saying they are going to do generally more maintenance.

"They say they are going to be filling a few potholes in. But they should be doing that anyway."

Several calls were made to the Billing Aquadrome owners Pure Leisure Group yesterday, but the Chron was told that no one was available for interview.