NGH cancer patients and nurses each receive Christmas presents thanks to Northampton charity

The Lewis Foundation graced the wards at Northampton General Hospital to gift more than 70 presents to poorly cancer patients.

Friday, 28th December 2018, 1:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:07 am
The kind-hearted Lewis Foundation walked the wards of NGH on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to treat those who are going through a tough time in the festive season.

The Lewis Foundation was set up by Lorraine and her husband Lee Lewis, who spent a significant amount of time at the Talbot Butler Ward at Northampton General Hospital whe Lee's mum Janice was once receiving treatment.

They noticed how bored patients looked on the wards and in the private rooms when they were on their own, without family and friends. The couple spoke about what they could do to give patients something to look forward to, to take their minds of their illness and the seemingly endless treatments.

Drawing from their own personal experiences, they knew that for patients and their families struggle financially, emotionally and physically throughout the treatment phase.

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On Christmas Eve, the charity handed out 50 gifts to patients receiving cancer treatment on the Oncology and Haematology Bay at Northampton General Hospital. They each received a £10 Amazon voucher and some sweets.

For the people staying on Talbot Butler Ward on Christmas Day, 21 boxes, which included a £25 gift voucher and chocolates, were handed out to 21 poorly patients.

Lorraine said: "Giving a gift to a patient at Christmas is something we are keen to support having spent a Christmas Day in hospital.

"We would have loved someone to come and visit us, break up the day and provide a distraction from the situation.

"It also shows people out there care. It is why we love to go into the hospital at that particular time of year."

The nurses on the ward working on Christmas Day also received a £10 Amazon voucher and a festive box filled with treats to share.

"All the money raised to fund our Christmas giving was as a result of Racheal Byrnes, who organised a Christmas fete in memory of her father who passed away from cancer," Rachel added.

"We raised £1,600 from our Christmas fete and all of it went to our Christmas Day giving."