New report reveals 8,400 children are living in deprivation in Northampton

A new study by Northamptonshire Community Foundation is challenging assumptions that this attractive county has few social problems - but they cannot help everyone.

Saturday, 31st March 2018, 10:00 am
Although Northamptonshire is often viewed as an affluent county - a report published this month reveals that this county has areas, nationally, in the top 1 per cent most deprived for education and skills, income and employment, health, crime and housing.

According to the new research carried out by the University of Northampton, Institute for Social Innovation and Impact there is notable social inequalities particularly relating to health and wellbeing that have a detrimental impact on this town.

Statistics reveal that Northampton has the highest proportion of children living in low-income families with 8,400 people in poverty, compared to 900 in South Northamptonshire.

Other findings include Northampton is above the national average for under 18s who are hospitalised for alcohol-related issues at 38.8 per cent with the national average at 36.6 per cent.

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Victoria Miles DL, chief executive of Northamptonshire Community Foundation said: “Whilst the report shows areas of great concern and need, it also shows how the foundation is already meeting some of those needs through case-studies of the difference made by locally funded projects.

"We hope to engage with a range of partners and donors on how we can work together to tackle some of the most pressing needs head-on.”

By assessing the town's hidden needs, the foundation aims to work with donors to encourage pooling of resources towards the social problems in the county that need the most urgent attention.

Other findings - in the county wide report - show that the number of homeless people per 1,000 households in Northampton (3.44 per cent) exceeds the national average (2.52 per cent) and the highest proportion of crimes and offences committed in Northampton (39.8 per cent) top Kettering with (23.5 per cent).

The report concludes: 'Through the Hidden Needs Report what emerges is several key priority and very urgent needs within Northamptonshire: there is serious deprivation to be addressed in specific areas of the county as Northamptonshire has some of England’s most deprived neighbourhoods in terms of education and skills, income and employment, health, crime and housing.

'Barriers to accessing services combined with the highlighted priority needs will only widen inequality and poverty within our communities and negatively impact the social and economic well-being of future generations.'