New Northampton bus fares nudge up 'dayrider' ticket prices but makes travel cheaper for teenagers

A shake up in bus fares in Northampton is set to make travel cheaper for the town's young people  and students but will push up standard day tickets.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 4:31 pm
Updated Friday, 8th March 2019, 5:35 pm
Stagecoach has announced a shake up in their ticket prices.
Stagecoach has announced a shake up in their ticket prices.

Stagecoach have announced an overhaul to their Northamptonshire services and hope to give young people more reason to ride the bus for less.

However, the new prices have nudged up the fares of the standard day rider many people use to get to work and travel.

The new fares take effect as of April 14.

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A day travel ticket now costs £4.20 a time, up from £4.00. The weekly ticket is now £15 and the monthly ticket is now £53.30.

However, the megarider Plus weekly and monthly tickets will be coming down £1 and £2 respectively.

Meanwhile, the age that someone can buy a child/young person ticket has changed from 15 to 'under 19', and the price is a consistent 25 per cent off the adult price.

From mid July, seven day and 28 day young people tickets will be introduced at 25 per cent off the adult price.

And a new 'Studyrider' ticket will be introduced to replace the 'Termrider' ticket, and will allow travel all day, every day during the school term. The prices - which are yet to be confirmed - will be worked out based on distance travel but should be 25 per cent off the adult price.

Stagecoach say they have announced the changes as part of a plan to simplify their tickets.

For more information on Stagecoach ticket prices, visit their website.

Managing director Phil Medicott said: "We looked at our fares as a whole and tried to ensure that, although we had to put some fares up, there are more people who will see their fares change positively.

"Young people are amongst the biggest winners. We need to encourage young people to stay with public transport to help tackle the catastrophic congestion we see on the roads and throughout out cities and towns."