Mystery Good Samaritan '˜uplifted' after reading about Northampton family's gratitude

The woman who comforted a collapsed pensioner and her family in a Northampton street said she has been uplifted by reading of their gratitude.

Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 6:25 am
Sarah Cox with her mum, Janet Clowes

The Chron reported two weeks ago that 72-year-old Janet Clowes, from Eastfield, collapsed with a stroke ​in Abington Street and was held by a stranger until paramedics arrived.

Mrs Clowes’ daughter and granddaughter, who were shopping with her, were comforted by the woman and later appealed for help finding her so they could thank her properly for her kindness.

The Chron has now tracked down the Good Samaritan - 44-year-old Louise Tilson - who actually lives in Liverpool and was in Northampton only to register the death of her own mum.

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Louise said: “I’d just come out of Central Library and heard some women screaming for help.

“As I got to the oldest one, she collapsed and I caught her. I lowered her to the ground and just sat there for what seemed like half an hour.”

Sarah Cox, Mrs Clowes’ daughter had praised Louise for her comforting words, as well as the actions of other strangers who offered to help.

Louise said: “I remember telling them it was going to be okay and asking if [Mrs Clowes] was normally quite chatty.

“I’m pleased they were grateful for what I did. It’s the kind of thing you’d hope a stranger would do for one of your own family.

“I lost my own mum, but when I read about what they were saying about me it gave me a lift.”

Louise was on her way to make arrangements for the funeral of her mum - Lynda Moss from Abington Vale, who died after a battle with multiple sclerosis.

Louise said: “We had an important appointment at the funeral directors, but when I saw her in need it didn’t matter to me.”

Mrs Clowes’ family said she is slowly recovering in Northampton General Hospital and her powers of speech are beginning to return.

They hope to meet Louise in person when she next visits the town.