Mum praises NGH consultant's quick thinking that saved the lives of her and her baby boy

A mum who lost five litres of blood while pregnant has thanked the quick-thinking Northampton General Hospital staff who saved the lives of both her and her premature baby.

Friday, 29th April 2016, 6:25 am
Updated Friday, 29th April 2016, 9:49 am

Theresa Wright has a rare condition that meant the placenta would attach itself to her womb, making giving birth extremely dangerous.

At 27 weeks into her pregnancy, while at NGH, she woke up bleeding massively and she knew something was badly wrong.

But Roy Davies, a consultant was summoned and, made he made the on-the-spot decision to deliver her baby immediately, thus saving both of their lives.

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Roy Davies with baby Callum

Mrs Wright, from Bozeat, said: “Everyone else was flapping and he just calmly made the call and it was the right one. Any other decision and neither of us would be here.

“I’d actually texted him at 5.45am after the bleeding had begun and asked him to come personally because I knew I’d be in the best hands. He had a clinic organised, but he dropped everything because he realised what a state I was in.”

Her son, Callum, was delivered by c-section with the NGH team entering a “race against time” as soon as the placenta was breached and Mrs Wright’s uterus began to fill with blood.

The team battled to saved her life by replacing her blood in a steady flow as it was lost from her body and were forced to perform an emergency hysterectomy. In all, she lost five litres of blood during the procedure.

Callum is now realtively healthy and living with his mum and dad in Bozeat

Frail Callum was then sent to a neonatal intensive care ward in Luton and was to remain there and at NGH’s Gosset ward for three months

Although he suffered a bleed on the brain, bleeding lungs and a hole in the heart, Callum is now well and living at home with his parents.

Mrs Wright said she would forever be grateful to the Gosset nurses - Tina and Ntombe - who told her: “Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. We’re going to look after your little boy,” as well as Dr Gupta.

And she particularly wanted to thank Mr Davies, who has passed away since Callum’s birth.

Roy Davies with baby Callum

She said: “He was my consultant for 13 years and he was always a cool head. As soon as he arrived, I felt better.

“When your life is on the line, you want the best and that’s what he was.

“He was just an amazing man.”

Callum is now realtively healthy and living with his mum and dad in Bozeat