Mum angry at train service treatment after baby had to balance 'on top of suitcase'

Five-month-old Scarlett had to be placed on top of suitcases in the isle of the carriage.Five-month-old Scarlett had to be placed on top of suitcases in the isle of the carriage.
Five-month-old Scarlett had to be placed on top of suitcases in the isle of the carriage.
A Northampton mum-of-two was forced to stand in a toilet onboard an overcrowded train while her five-month-old baby balanced on top of suitcases as all seats were full.

Loren Jackson, 21, of St James was travelling back from Great Yarmouth to Norwich on Monday, October 2 after a holiday away with her sister-in-law, her two children and nephew.

Describing the photograph, Loren said: "[This is] how Greater Anglia expect a five-month-old to travel when we have paid for reserved seats.

"She is balanced on top of suitcases!

"Also [I] had to stand in the toilet so my son could stand.

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"So not only did we wait at the platform for at least twenty minutes - which was empty until the over-sold carriage arrived - [we were] barged out-of-the-way by fully-grown adults whilst I was pushing a baby in a pram [with] two young toddlers at my side. One was almost pushed down on to the tracks between the train and platform."

Loren added she was the first person waiting at the platform but she ended up the last person to board the carriage.

"The conductor told me unless she was folded down and balanced in the luggage hold of the train, we wouldn’t be allowed on to the train," she added.

"Not one person gave up their seat or even moved their handbag from the floor for two three-year-old boys.

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"When we went to complain we were given a small leaflet and told to post it, nobody was interested in listening then."

A Greater Anglia spokesman said: "We're sorry to hear that Ms Jackson did not find her experience of travelling on our Great Yarmouth to Norwich service satisfactory. We try to be as family friendly as possible. Our colleagues will usually help families with small children and we offer some great value children's fares. Seat reservations are only available on our Intercity Norwich to London service.

"Ms Jackson was travelling on a very busy train. She was advised to hold her baby and stow the folded-up buggy in the luggage rack, so all passengers could board the train, which was five minutes late leaving Great Yarmouth.

"From 2019, we are getting all brand new trains. Every train on the Great Yarmouth to Norwich service will be longer, and easier for parents to wheel buggies onto the train."

"We would encourage Ms Jackson to get in touch with us directly so we can fully investigate her concerns."