Motorcylist could have bike destroyed for pulling '˜wheelies' in Northampton Street

Off-road bikes are being deployed in a bid to clamp down on speeding motorcyclists in an area of Northampton after a 27-year-old was given a warning for pulling wheelies.

Friday, 7th October 2016, 11:29 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:14 pm
A motorcyclist was handed an ASBO warning for pulling wheelies in Kingsley. His bike may now be destroyed.

Police in Northampton are clamping down on motorcycle nuisance in Kingsley, after residents there raised concerns about bike use in the area.

Officers there have now vowed to use powers under the Police Reform Act to seize the vehicles of anyone who rides in such a manner and have begun patrols on a force liveried off-road bike in a bid to catch the culprits.

The reminder comes after a 27-year-old man was given an ASBO warning last month, for riding a motorcycle in a way that “causes distress, harm or harassment.”

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The rider was filmed doing a “wheelie” and speeding along East Park Parade, said a force spokeswoman.

The formal warning could result in his bike being seized.

Local PCSO, Sean Whelan, said East Park Parade is a hotspot for this sort of behaviour.

He said: “This busy road has a 30 mph speed limit and is used by people of all ages, many of them on foot visiting the nearby Racecourse or local shops, and this type of anti-social and nuisance riding puts other road users at risk.

“Thanks to public support and the swift actions of a local resident, who quickly filmed one motorcyclist as they sped along the road revving the engine and doing wheelies, we were able to identify the rider and issue a Section 59 warning under the Police Reform Act, meaning that if they continue to ride their bike in an anti-social manner, they risk having it seized and destroyed.”

Anyone with any concerns or information about the misuse of bikes can contact the Northampton North and East Safer Community Team via 101 or by emailing [email protected]