LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018: Full Daventry District Council election results

Full results of 2018 Daventry District Council electionFull results of 2018 Daventry District Council election
Full results of 2018 Daventry District Council election
Labour has gained two seats on Daventry District Council after yesterday's local elections.

The Conservatives maintained their majority in the chamber and would have done so even if they had been defeated in all 13 wards up for election.

Losing out on the night were UKIP, who lost both their seats.

Full results are as follows:

Abbey North (one seat) - Turnout: 28.01%

Nigel CARR (Independent): 112 votes

Adam COLLYER (UK Independence Party): 73 votes

Alan KNAPE (Liberal Democrats): 312 votes

Colin POOLE (Conservative Party): 407 votes

Aiden RAMSEY (Labour Party): 599 votes ELECTED


Abbey South (one seat) - Turnout: 33.53%

John Henry BUTLIN (Liberal Democrats): 115 votes

Lewis CLARKE (Labour Party): 670 votes

Colin MORGAN (Conservative Party): 819 votes ELECTED


Brixworth (one seat) - Turnout: 32.71%

Stuart COE (Labour Party): 428 votes

Kevin PARKER (Conservative Party): 1,163 votes ELECTED

Kathryn PURCHASE (Liberal Democrats): 197 votes


Drayton (one seat) - Turnout: 32.71%

Zbigniew CHETNIK (Liberal Democrats): 92 votes

Andrew DABBS (Labour Party): 825 votes ELECTED

Timothy WILSON (Conservative Party): 492 votes


Hill (one seat) - Turnout: 28.92%

Simon Edward COCKAYNE (Liberal Democrats): 94 votes

Peter MATTEN (Conservative Party): 655 votes ELECTED

Katie THURSTON (Labour Party): 627 votes


Long Buckby (one seat) - Turnout: 37.19%

Peter INGLES (Liberal Democrats): 311 votes

Chris MYERS (Labour Party): 766 votes

Steve OSBORNE (Conservative Party): 949 votes ELECTED


Moulton (one seat) - Turnout: 35.30%

Nicola HUDSON (Labour Party): 299 votes

Sarah RICHENS (Liberal Democrats): 120 votes

Michael Warren (Conservative Party): 847 votes ELECTED

Kevin WHITE (Green Party): 146 votes


Spratton (one seat) - Turnout: 35.37%

Pete COLES (Labour Party): 237 votes

Rupert Moscrop KNOWLES (Liberal Democrats): 159 votes

Sarah PECK (Conservative Party): 931 votes ELECTED

Kathy WICKSTEED (Green Party): 79 votes


Walgrave (one seat) - Turnout: 38.27%

Grant BOWLES (Liberal Democrats): 195 votes

Lesley WOOLNOUGH (Conservative Party): 431 votes ELECTED


Weedon (one seat) - Turnout: 35.15%

Callum BATCHELOR (Labour Party): 354 votes

Alan George FAIERS (Liberal Democrats): 246 votes

David SMITH (Conservative Party): 1,183 votes ELECTED


Welford (one seat) - Turnout: 37.24%

Stephen Roger DEARE (Liberal Democrats): 189 votes

Cecile IRVING-SWIFT (Conservative Party): 854 votes ELECTED

Sue MYERS (Labour Party): 222 votes


Woodford (one seat) - Turnout: 33.57%

Gary John DENBY (UK Independence Party): 191 votes

Christina Louisa FITCHETT (Labour Party): 347 votes

Rupert FROST (Conservative Party): 984 votes ELECTED

Edward JUDD (Liberal Democrats): 178 votes

Thomas Joshua SKILLINGTON (Green Party): 125 votes


Yelvertoft (one seat) - Turnout: 41.51%

Alan CHANTLER (Conservative Party): 372 votes ELECTED

Rio Jesse Torah KNOCK (Labour Party): 63 votes

Stephen PIMM (Liberal Democrats): 221 votes