'˜At least they cannot destroy any more families': murder victim's mother pays tribute as Corby man faces up to life in jail

The family of a woman murdered by a Corby man have released a tribute stating they 'will never come to terms with losing her'.

Wednesday, 1st June 2016, 5:28 am
Billy Johnson

Kerry Reeves was shot in Abington, Oxfordshire, on November 3 and died two days later.

Billy Johnson, aged 20, from Ripon Court, Corby, and Charles Noble, aged 21, from Kempton Avenue, Northolt, Ealing, London, were both found guilty of her murder at a trial last week.

They were sentenced to life imprisonment. Johnson is to serve at least 25 years, while noble is to serve at least 22.

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In a statement, Miss Reeves’ mother, Nicky, spoke on behalf of the family.

“On the 5th of November my daughter and best friend, Kerry, was brutally taken from us at the hands of Billy Johnson and Charles Noble,” she said.

“My life, her brother and little sister’s lives have been devastated beyond repair at the untimely and unwarranted death of Kerry.

“Kerry had everything to live for. She had a job and friends that she loved, and was devoted to her little sister and her brother. The pain and grief that we are suffering at losing her cannot be put into words.

“Myself and Kerry’s family would like to thank every single officer who worked tirelessly and endlessly to bring these very dangerous men to justice.

“My special thanks goes to Paul and Petra, our family liaison officers, and Mike Lynch (senior investigating officer) and Wendy Moore (officer in the case) who have supported us every single day through this most horrific time that any family has ever had to endure.

“We will never come to terms over losing Kerry but the one consolation is that these young men will not be able to destroy any more families like they have mine.”