Investigation reveals Northampton General Hospital pays women £14k less than men

Women at Northampton General Hospital are paid £14,570 less than men, a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request submitted by the Chronicle & Echo reveals.

Monday, 12th June 2017, 6:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 3:31 pm
At the hospital, the headcount for the entire number ofemployees is 4928.

This investigation looked at the differences in average pay of male and female employees at Northampton General Hospital

It is not the case that women were paid less than men for doing the same job.

However, the top roles, and therefore the highest-paid roles, were largely dominated by men.

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The average pay of men at Northampton General Hospital is £44,630 while women are only paid £30,060, highlighting a gender pay gap of £14,570.

At the hospital, the headcount for the entire number of employees is 4,928.

The FOI shows that 3896 are female and only 1032 employees are men.

A spokeswoman for Northampton General Hospital said the hospital is working hard to even out the gap.

She said: “The NHS has a standardised pay system so individuals employed in the same role earn the same salary irrespective of gender or other factors.

"The pay gap in the NHS, which is mirrored at NGH, reflects the gender imbalance in senior positions. This is most pronounced in the medical sector where only one-third of our consultant are female. The challenge for us as an employer is to support women - and other staff who are underrepresented in senior roles - to fulfil their potential as leaders.

In recent years, the hospital has introduced an in-house leadership programme, the Francis Crick Programme to support managers.

"We also use performance appraisals not just to review our employees' performance but to identify where they want to be and how we can support them to get there", the spokeswoman said.

Back in April data compiled by the Chron showed that NHS Nene currently employs 166 people, 123 are female and only 43 workers are male.

But the average pay of female employees at the commissioning group is £37,172 while men are paid £52,006 – a gap of £14,834.

Published in the 2015-2016 NHS Nene annual report, figures show that accountable officer, John Wardell, is paid between £85,000 - £90,000 after pension benefits.