'˜I have done nothing, but lock me up' pleads defendant in Northampton murder case days after the killing of David Miller, court is told

David Miller in a photograph taken in the 1990sDavid Miller in a photograph taken in the 1990s
David Miller in a photograph taken in the 1990s
The prosecution in the David Miller murder case gave details of one of the defendant's actions in the days after the killing of David Miller, which led the police to the discovery of the crime scene.

Peter Joyce QC, prosecuting, hinted in his opening statement that Michael Hallett, 37, had made certain admissions in the days following the alleged murder and while being questioned by police officers following his arrest.After being called to an incident in Market Square in the early hours of June 14, Hallett - of no fixed abode - reportedly told police officers: “It’s serious, [the things] that’s going down. Just lock me up. I have done [nothing], but lock me up.”The police officer then asked what Hallett wanted to be locked up for, to which he responded “murder.”Eventually, Hallett got in a police vehicle and directed officers to the crime scene, which Hallett described as both smelly and a mess, the prosecution told the court.He allegedly told officers that the victim had had parts of his body removed because of an accusation that was made against him.After arriving at the property, officers called for back up to gain access to Mr Miller’s flat, which they did at around 5.15am, as confirmed in court by bodycam footage shown to the jury.Hallett was arrested shortly after the discovery of the body, and Mr Joyce told the court that the defendant then made “significant admissions.”In the evening of his arrest on June 14, police officers attempted to collect DNA samples from Hallett during which they noticed that his right hand was swollen around the knuckles, the court heard.Hallett said his hand was broken. The prosecution reported Hallett saying to officers: “I broke it when I smashed his face because he was a *****.”The jury then heard that Hallett had become aggressive in later police interviews, insulting a female officer, throwing a cup of water and attempting to hit an officer with a chair.Injuries to Hallett’s leg were noticed by the police. When quizzed about the injuries, Hallett allegedly said he had suffered them from kicking Mr Miller and “from smacking [the person] that’s in the mortuary.”The following day Hallett remained silent during interviews. The trial continues.