Here are the Northampton roads that will no longer be gritted as a priority in Winter 2018

As the first cold mornings of winter bite, thoughts are already turning to snow - and which roads Northamptonshire County Council's depleted highways service will be able to grit this year.

Monday, 8th October 2018, 4:53 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 12:30 am

The council revealed earlier this year that its fleet would be reducing the number of roads it will grit from October this year and taking longer to attend to them.

Some roads that would have been treated when temperatures are forecast to fall to 0.5 degrees Celsius have been downgraded in priority. These roads will now only be treated when sub-zero conditions are set to last 48 hours or more.

And about 500 grit bins across the county - 30 in Northampton- that were filled by the council during the big freeze earlier this year will be either removed or left to the community to replenish.

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The roads in and around Northampton that will no longer be treated as a priority will be:

Queenswood Avenue

Yardley Drive

Reynard Way

Obelisk Rise

Port Road

Park Drive

South Oval

East Oval

Welland Walk

Severn drive

Avon Drive

Witham Walk

West Oval

Merthyr Road

Dallington Road

Baring Road

Dallington Green

Dallington Park Road

Chiltern Avenue

Chiltern Way

Cotswold Avenue

Limehurst Road

Eastfield Road

Northfield Road

Firsview Drive

High Street

Ashbrow Road

Thorn Hill


Ladybridge Drive

Acre Lane

Link Road

Greenshills Road

Whitehills Way

Whitehills Crescent

Crestwood Road

Holmecross Road

Birds Hill Road

Russet Drive

Fishponds Road

Fieldmill Road

Penfold Lane

Cherry Lodge Road

Blackthorn Road

Goldings Road

Rectory Farm Road

Olden Road

Ecton Brook Road

Overmead Road

Fir Tree Walk

Charnwood Avenue

The Headlands

Birchfield Road East

Birchfield Road


Collingwood Road

Abington Avenue

Stimpson Avenue

Clare Street

Earl Street

Duke Street

Bailiff Street

Balmoral Road

St Davids Road

Nursery Lane

Yelvertoft Road

Hastings Road

Cranford Road

Aintree Road

Goodwood Avenue

Oulton Rise

Spinney Hill Road

Churchill Avenue

Keswick Drive

Quinton Road

Curtlee Hill

Wootton Hope Drive

The Warren

Hardingstone Lane

Butts Road

Penvale Road

Hill Farm Rise

Queen Eleanor Road

Farmhill Road

Barley Hill Road

Pine Ridge

High Street, Upton

Scribers Drive, Upton

Telford Street, Upton

Telford Way, Upton

Station Road, Great Billing

High Street, Great Billing

The Green, Hardingstone

High Street, Hardingstone

Wake Way, Grange Park

Bridge Meadow Way, Grange Park

Quintonside, Grange Park

Locations in Northampton where grit bins will not be filled by the county council:

Ardington Road / Billing Road, Abington

Beech Avenue / Wellingborough Road, Abington

Purser Road / Adnitt Road, Abington

Ardington Road / Wellingborough Road, Abington

Cliftonville Court, Abington

Hillside Way (2 bins), Abington Vale

Ridgeway / Weston Way, Abington Vale

Bougainvillea Drive / Magnolia Close, Abington Vale

Maclean Close (to side of no. 10), Abington Vale

Herne Hill Court, Camp Hill

Parsons Meade (2 bins), Camp Hill

Harksome Hill (near no. 21), Camp Hill

Lodge Avenue, Collingtree

Pinetrees (opposite no. 37)

Pleydell Gardens near George Nutt Court, Delapre

Shale End , Duston

Hill Farm Rise / Hawks Nest, East Hunsbury

Cottage Gardens (opposite no. 34), Great Billing

Lime Farm Way / High Street, Great Houghton

IIex Close (near garages). Hardingstone

South Oval (near shops), Kings Heath

Fylingdale (end of road), Kingsthorpe

Bunting Road / Balfour Road, kingsthorpe Hollow

Barley Hill Road, Southfields

Castle Street / Phoenix Street, Spring Boroughs

St James Mill Road (by railway bridge), St James

Sharman Road, St James

Streambank Road (opposite no.10), Thorplands

North Hayes Court, Thorplands

Curtlee Hill /Villa Way, Wootton

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