Heap of empty plastic cider bottles show extent of anti-social behaviour at Northampton toilet block

An abandoned block of toilets on a Northampton park has been 'secured' in response to anti-social behaviour centred on the building.

Friday, 8th March 2019, 8:58 am
Updated Friday, 8th March 2019, 10:00 am
The abandoned toilet block on the Racecourse has been secured by park rangers and police.

Shocking photos have shown a heap of well over a hundred empty three-litre cider bottles piled in one corner of the derelict block on the Racecourse.

Borough council park rangers have now worked with Northamptonshire Police to shut off the block and try to prevent any more access.

It is not clear if park drinkers have been entering the old block of toilets to drink or if the stack of empty plastic bottles has built up from throwing them through an unsecured window.

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Alan Ogilvie, chairman of the Friends of Northampton Racecourse, told the Chronicle: "The toilets have been shut for a long time because they used to be a lot of drug dealing, graffiti and inappropriate sexual behaviour around it.

"Maybe it would be best if they were just knocked down.

"The Racecourse does need its own set of toilets. I have been speaking about this with borough council and would like to see some coin-operated anti-vandal toilets installed closer to the pavillion."

A tweet by Northampton Neighbourhood Police Team, who helped secure the block, reads: "In the process of securing the old toilet block on the Racecourse... complaints of anti-social behaviour... there must be a long term solution for this building moving forward?"

The abandoned toilet block on the Racecourse has been secured by park rangers and police.

It comes after a litter pick by the Friends of Northampton Racecourse saw more than 40 volunteers turn out to tidy the park and around the toilet block on February 24.

The toilet block has been boarded off for years - but anti-social behaviour has been taking root around it.
A heap of more than 100 empty three-litre cider bottles has been shared by the police.
The images point towards heavy drinking in or around the toilet block and in the park.
Friends of Northampton Racecourse brought out a record 40 people to their last community litter pick.