Head of security at Northampton bar '˜proud of actions of doorman' on night India Chipchase died

The head of security at the bar where India Chipchase spent the night before she died says he believes his staff went 'beyond the call of duty' to help the 20-year-old.

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016, 5:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 5:07 pm
NB's bar and club in Bridge street, Northampton
NB's bar and club in Bridge street, Northampton

Jason Baldwin, who runs Etiquette Services who provide the security staff for NB’s in Bridge Street, said he was very proud of the actions of doorman David Burry, who put Miss Chipchase in a taxi outside the nightclub.

Tragically, Birmingham Crown Court heard during the trial of Edward Tenniswood that Miss Chipchase got out of the taxi within a few minutes after the driver asked for the cost of the fare up front.

She then remained outside the front of NB’s until she was approached by Tenniswood, who a court heard escorted her into a taxi back to his home in St James where he raped and murdered her.

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David Burry, a doorman at NBs, pictured outside Birmingham Crown Court

The court heard evidence from doorman David Burry who said a man who described himself as a friend of Miss Chipchase had “handed her over” to him and asked him take her outside as she was “very drunk”.

Mr Burry said he hailed a cab and then made sure Miss Chipchase got inside, after checking she had the right amount of money.

However, he was then surprised to see her again outside the club 10 minutes later and he went back into the club to find the India’s friend who had originally made contact with him.

Mr Baldwin said: “All our staff do have training skills for looking after vulnerable people, whether that be young men or women.

David Burry, a doorman at NBs, pictured outside Birmingham Crown Court

“David Burry went above and beyond the call of duty as once anyone is outside our front door they are not our responsibility but we do walk people to taxis.

“I’m proud of the actions Dave took.”

Mr Baldwin said he believed there needed to be a more high-profile police presence on Bridge Street to deter people like Tenniswood from the area.

He said: “I think they should take up static positions in the street so everyone knows a policeman is in the area.”