'Happy, straightforward' Northampton woman died of asbestos-linked cancer

Rita's inquest was held at Northampton county hall.Rita's inquest was held at Northampton county hall.
Rita's inquest was held at Northampton county hall.
A Northampton woman died after a brief battle with cancer that could have been caused by asbestos.

Rita Brazier, 76, died at her home in Heron Way, at Billing Aquadrome, Northampton, in November last year.

She had been suffering from malignant mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer that is linked to asbestos exposure.

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Assistant coroner Hassan Shah, who presided over Rita's inquest at Northampton County Hall today (April 26), said: "Although this form of cancer is usually linked to asbestos exposure, I have received no evidence that this was the case at any time, although she spent a number of years cleaning gas meters."

Rita's husband John Kerr, 70, from Northampton, said: "Rita was a straightforward lady who worked hard all her life and she had many happy years as a holidaymaker at Billing Aquadrome.

"We had two very happy years together. She was constantly cheerful and never complained about her illness. She loved sports and watched Sky Sports whenever she could."

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