Green Party names hopefuls for Northampton's MP seats in next general election

Northampton's Green Party has announced its candidates to become the town's MPs in the next election.

Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 10:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 11:35 am
Scott Mabbutt, left, and Steve Miller, right, are Green Party's candidates for the next general election in Northampton.

Scott Mabbutt will again stand for Northampton South while Steve Miller will be competing for votes for Northampton North.

Both candidates were on the ballot papers in 2017, where the Conservatives held on to both Northampton North and South.

Steve Miller said: "Northampton North will again see a fight between our last two MPs. It’s no choice at all. We have a Libraries Minister who can’t intervene to save the libraries in his constituency, and an Opposition Candidate who can’t criticise the PFI payments crippling our County Council because she stood up in the Commons and took the credit for them.

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“We need a new conversation. We need a new plan for Northampton North that recognises people are what makes a community special, and we need a representative who will listen to people and stand up for them in Parliament.”

In the 2017 General Election, the Green Party earned 1,342 votes across both Northampton seats, worth around 1.65 per cent of all votes cast.

Scott Mabbutt said: “There are so many issues locally and nationally where the 2 big parties provide only weakness and infighting - Only the Green Party provide solutions to the problems facing us.”

The next UK general election is set for May 2022.