Girlfriend of Northamptonshire Police officer who strangled her on bed feared he would have killed her

A Northamptonshire Police officer who strangled his girlfriend in her bedroom and told her he would 'kill her' has been dismissed from the force.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 3:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 11:46 am
A police officer has been struck from the force for his behaviour with his partner during their relationship.

It was a year before the former partner of PC Greg Mead went to the police to report her experiences at his hands during their relationship 2018 and early 2018.

But at a misconduct hearing over the officer's behaviour, the 28-year-old told the panel how Mr Mead lost his temper in violent ways on several occasions during their time together.

It included times where Mr Mead hurled a dog lead at her, pushed her into mud and held her against a set of stairs while swearing in her face.

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Then, on another occasion, a morning started with him pushing over the breakfast table and storming upstairs in front of the woman and his children.

When she went upstairs to talk to him, he pushed her on to the bed and strangled her, saying: "I want to kill you."

Speaking of the incident at the hearing, the woman said: "It was awful. If his children weren't there he probably would have killed me.

"It was much worse than previous incidents."

She also told the panel their relationships were marked by him 'constantly undermining' her with controlling and demanding behaviour.

After they broke up, the woman later went to the police to report the incidents.

Mr Mead was acquitted of any criminal charges at Northampton Magistrate's Court at the end of 2018.

But at the officer's gross misconduct hearing in between March 4 and 7, the panel heard how Mr Mead also was caught inexplicably keeping a set of police spike stinger traps used to stop vehicles in the boot of his car.

There was also an occasion where he reportedly pushed a teenager against a wall during an outreach programme, which amounted to unlawful force.

At the hearing, the panel found all the allegations against Mr Mead were proved.

He was dismissed from the force and will be barred from ever becoming a police officer again.