Funding worth £9m agreed for three scanners and two tumour-destroying devices at Northampton General Hospital

The Government has agreed to pay for upgrades to expensive cancer treatment and diagnosis machines at Northampton General Hospital.

Bosses at NGH have revealed they have been successful in a bid for £9.35 million of capital funding, part of which will pay for two replacement linear accelerators.

The machines treat cancer patients by accurately targeting tumours with high-beam radiation, leaving healthy tissue undamaged.

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The money will also pay for a second MRI machine for full body scans using magnetic imaging, the hospital’s board papers say, plus a third x-ray based CT scanner plus a CT scanner replacement.

Lastly, the Department of Health has sanctioned three x-ray room replacements and an inventory system.

The second linear accelerator replacement is due for delivery imminently, and the remaining items will be purchased sometime in 2016/17.