Five-year-old's savings pot stolen after burglars target his mum's Northampton home twice in two days

Natasha with her son, Callum.Natasha with her son, Callum.
Natasha with her son, Callum.
A Northampton woman who was burgled twice in two nights is appealing for witnesses after her hairdressing kit worth hundreds of pounds was stolen alongside her five-year-old's savings pot.

Natasha Jewsbury, aged 22, of Kettering Road, is studying level 2 hairdressing at Northampton College and was burgled on the nights of Thursday, April 27 and Friday, April 28.

Natasha's son, Callum Geraghty, five, saved up £55 for a trip to the beach with his mum, which was taken from his pot, plus £35 from a sideboard.

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During the burglary, Natasha's hairdressing kit worth between £300-£400 was stolen, as well as a bank card and Thierry Mugler perfume.

She said: "My hairdressing kit means a lot to me because it was the start of my career I've wanted to it for so long, I have finally managed to get the confidence to do so and then this happens, seven weeks before I'm supposed to qualify.

"I'm going to try and get a job in a salon to finish my level two.

"It's affected everything with it being taken, I know I won't get the money back.

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"Since this has happened I'm constantly checking my home, every single room as soon as I walk in, constantly checking to see if my door is locked or not even though I know I've locked it.

"It's horrible."

On describing the offender, she said witnesses saw a man who was "quite big muscly, tall, in a grey tracksuit with a Peugeot convertible."

A spokeswoman for Northamptonshire Police confirmed that they were called at about 3.30pm on April 27 to reports of a stolen bank card and were called again at 11.30am on April 28 to reports of stolen hairdressing equipment and money.