FARMING MATTERS: Staying safe on the farm

Staying safe at work is something we all have to consider,but for farmers there are more hazards in the workplace than for most of us.

Saturday, 8th October 2016, 7:00 am
A mobile phone can be a great asset for farmers who work in isolation

Working alone, and often in isolated far flung fields; carrying out maintenance work on trees and high buildings; handling huge, heavy livestock and machinery; operating dangerous tools; handling medicines, fertilisers and poisons - all of these things are potential hazards to health and safety.

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Even with the advent of mobile telephones - which believe me has been a huge blessing for all farming families - a signal cannot be guaranteed on the most isolated farms. So it is essential for farmers to think ahead about their personal safety, and always make sure someone somewhere knows where they are and what they are doing. Even when mobile telephones do have a signal, a serous accident could prevent a farmer from scrolling through his phone to make a call. This is where something like a Man Down alarm with a panic button can help.

My husband has had his fair share of accidents at work and he has the scars to prove it. And, I suspect like most farmer’s wives, when he is later than expected my mind goes into overdrive. On these occasions I am so immensely grateful for the invention of mobile phones and a quick text can save so much worry.