EU migrants in Northampton say they now feel '˜unwelcome' in the town

European citizens living in Northampton have said their are 'shocked and scared' about what is going to happen now the country has voted to leave the EU.
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In the past 15 years, tens of thousands of migrants have moved to the town from EU countries such as Poland, Lithuania and Romania.

Korneliga Makareviciute, the assistant manager at Lithuania restaurant Savas Kiemas, in Kettering Road, said the result had created a lot if uncertainty for EU citizens in Northampton.

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She said: “I was very shocked by the result and it made me feel sad. I was not expecting it. People are not sure what is going to happen now.

“We know people are not going to be deported but it is not a nice feeling and makes you feel unwanted.

“A lot of people are worried they won’t be able to see their families in their home countries as easily.”

A Polish woman who lives in Northampton, who did not wish to be named, said she now felt “unwelcome” in the town.

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She said: “Everybody is shocked that the economic arguments have not won.

“Walking out in the streets I now feel unwelcome. I have always thought of England as a liberal place and I cannot believe this has happened.”