Furious councillor slams 'disgusting' fly-tippers in Northampton and says she is at a 'complete loss at the disrespect'

‘There are times I'm at a complete loss at the disrespect individuals show our communities and environment’

Friday, 15th July 2022, 4:14 pm

A Northampton councillor has criticised a ‘disgusting’ fly-tip in her ward and says she is at a ‘complete loss at the disrespect individuals show’ to the town.

Labour councillor Cathrine Russell, of the St George’s ward, has hit out at those responsible for dumping rubbish in Barrack Road by the shops just before turning left into Campbell Square.

In a fiery tirade, councillor Russell said: “That pile of disgusting rubbish was cleared only three days ago. So what do we do? People dump their smelly and disgusting rubbish in a public place, councillors and concerned individuals report it and once again it gets taken away.

The fly-tip in Barrack Road

"The more we get this disgusting collection of bags and fly-tipping moved or collected, the more people put it out.

"We collectively become victims of our own success, and not to forget the poor residents and visitors to our lovely town who have to see and live with this terrible state of affairs.

“I know residents want these bags removed far more quickly than usually they are; that's what any reasonable person wants.

"I know I want residents living in my ward of St George to have a decent, litter free environment but there are times I'm at a complete loss at the disrespect individuals show our communities and environment.”

Stuart Timmiss, executive director place and economy at West Northamptonshire Council said: “Fly-tipping is a national problem that blights our streets and countryside, and we will continue to investigate any and all incidents that are reported to us, whether they occur on private or public land.

"While we do all we can to patrol regularly, we also encourage residents who witness fly-tipping in this area - or indeed any other site in West Northants, to report it to us so that we can bring these people to justice.

"As we unfortunately see this more and more, we see that it is the mindless minority spoiling it for everyone else, and we really need everyone’s help in reducing this problem.

“Fly-tippers face a £400 fixed penalty notice, and, in some cases, can be prosecuted, resulting in an unlimited fine or up to six months imprisonment on conviction in a magistrates' court."

People can report fly-tipping quickly and easily online by visiting https://www.westnorthants.gov.uk/bins-recycling-and-street-cleaning/report-fly-tipping