Climate action group launches newsletter to raise awareness of environmental crisis in Northamptonshire

The group aims to target councillors, residents and more

Friday, 29th April 2022, 2:49 pm

A climate action group in Northamptonshire has launched a newsletter to help raise awareness of the climate crisis.

Climate Action-West Northamptonshire (CA-WN) has launched a newsletter – The CA-WN Exchange.

The group says that although the title is a light-hearted pun on the group’s acronym, the purpose of the new publication is “very serious”.

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The group hopes to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

The team behind it aims to raise awareness of the significance of the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, and of the actions needed in the area to address it.

Richard Hollingum, editor of CA-WN Exchange, said: “CA-WN Exchange is another method of spreading the word about climate change but particularly focuses on our lives here in West Northamptonshire.

“The aim is to bring together Climate Action - West Northamptonshire, the individual and the elected groups so that a proper and difficult dialogue can be had, and so, in some small way, we may contribute to the lives of our grandchildren and succeeding generations.”

Jane Wood, chair of Climate Action – West Northamptonshire, added: “The newsletter is a great avenue for us to reach important stakeholders locally – it is targeted both at councillors (WNC and parishes) and local organisations and residents.

“Addressing climate change is something everyone needs to play their part in, but it’s important to show how changes at a local level can make a difference.“We are keen to use the newsletter to share positive stories about the impact local groups and individuals can have.”

Follow the group on Facebook and Twitter for more information @WeAreCAWN.