Elderly Northampton man threatened with knife and had liquid made up of acid sprayed in eyes while in bed

An 80-year-old Northampton man was held at knifepoint in his own home and had cleaning products sprayed in his eyes.

Wednesday, 19th October 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 7:39 pm
80-year-old Albert Glasgow was attacked at knifepoint and had liquid substance thrown in face NNL-161018-160437009

Albert Glasgow of St James had his mobile phone, 100 cigarettes and pocket watches stolen by two men wearing balaclavas early on Monday morning.

The frail man, who suffers from arthritis, was asleep when the attackers climbed through a window in his living room before they made entry to his kitchen in search of money.

Alex Glasgow, Albert’s grandson said: “The two pocket watches, which were stolen were sentimental and they meant a lot to him. He bought them for his own birthday over 15-20 years ago.”

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The masked men then made their way into the pensioner’s bedroom, threatening Mr Glasgow with a butcher’s knife while demanding that he hand over his bank card.

Following this, the two men hit him over the head with what is thought to be a chamber pot - the contents of which were tipped over Mr Glasgow’s bed - they and squirted a liquid made up of acid and ammonia into his eyes.

Mr Glasgow said: “The men were threatening me in my bed and asked me, ‘where is your money’.

“One man looked like a teenager and the other was about 20 to 30-years-old. I couldn’t see them properly, though, they both had balaclavas on.”

Alex Glasgow has told the Chronicle and Echo that his grandad was blinded that night and couldn’t see anything.

He added: “He was taken to hospital after being sprayed at close range. His eyes are now red and puffy and he is struggling to see out of his left eye.

“Now he always double checks his toilet when he walks by. He’s been very dented for an 80-year-old man, he seemed scared when my dad came in this morning.”

Mr Glasgow is now suffering from long-term damage to his left eye and a loss of vision.

Alex’s partner, Anna-Leigh Walker told the Chronicle and Echo that she loves Albert like he is her own grandad.

She said: “He has suffered burns to his forehead and has had low self-esteem since it happened.

“If these men can do this to an elderly man, it’s sickening to think that they are capable of anything.”

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