Double yellow lines set to be painted outside Northampton primary school and doctor's surgery

Residents have finally had enough of inconsiderate parking outside a Northampton primary school, according to a councillor.

Monday, 29th October 2018, 3:28 pm
Updated Monday, 29th October 2018, 5:20 pm
The new lines are set for Millway and Timken Way South

The comment has come from county and Duston parish councillor Suresh Patel (Con) following complaints from people living near to Millway Primary School.

Seventeen of them signed a petition to have double yellow lines painted along Millway to stop parents parking their cars on verges, pavements and even their driveways before and after school.

Duston Parish Council has now backed the idea at its full council meeting, making the measures more likely to be carried out by the county council's highways team.

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Councillor Patel said: "Millway residents have long had to put up with inconsiderate parking by a small minority of parents when dropping their kids off at the school, and I understand why some residents have finally had enough of it.

"I think this is now the only solution.”

The proposal will now go to a public consultation before a final decision is made.

However, new parking restrictions that are definitely scheduled in Duston will be in Timken Way South, near St Luke's Primary Care Centre.

Last week's parish council meeting resolved that double yellow lines will be painted there sometime in November.

Councillor Patel said: "“I have been working with the residents of Timken Way South for some time.

"I'm in favour of putting double yellow lines there as parking in the area is just awful and I am very concerned that emergency vehicles cannot access the area and large vehicles, bringing elderly patients, struggle to reach St Luke’s Primary Care Centre.

"Putting double yellow lines is now only possible after we finally got the roads adopted by the county council."