DINING OUT: Foodies Rocks? Well, yes actually

Foodies Rocks in Derngate: the ideal pre-theatre, if you're prepared to give it an hour.Foodies Rocks in Derngate: the ideal pre-theatre, if you're prepared to give it an hour.
Foodies Rocks in Derngate: the ideal pre-theatre, if you're prepared to give it an hour.
Those of us who have risked life and limb by guzzling a Manhatten sidewalk kebab and regretted the after effects take note - modern 'street food' has move on from the miscellaneous meats in a tortilla format.

In fact, as this reviewer believes, the concept may well have presented Northampton with one of its most exciting new eateries.

Foodies Rocks' owners promised to bring a taste of Shoreditch to the town when they opened in Derngate last year.

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And while the steadily growing number of hip food outlets isn't everyone's bag, they have certainly succeeded in delivering a fun, airs and graces-free restaurant that would be perfectly at home in central London.

Foodies Rocks - as you might have guessed from the title - is aimed at a slightly younger crowd though.

Local artwork adorns the walls, there is a fussball table downstairs and a Tekken arcade machine.

But the 13-item food menu, featuring traditional street dishes from India, Kenya, Korea and more should satisfy anyone's pallet.

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A friend and I order five small plates through the quirky tick box hand out, all of which come to the table when they are ready, a format which Wagamama fans will know well.

The 'chunky funky cassava chips' are first off the hot plate and prove to be the culinary hit of the night.

The fried crop are popular Kenyan snack, we are told, and on this basis it is easy to see why.

The pillowy pork gua bao's follow and are quickly pursued by the Indian dah puri semolina puffs.

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All very pleasing but heavily seasoned and highly spiced, so best washed down with one of the world beers on offer.

The following 20 minutes, however, will no doubt divide opinion. After the first three plated were cleared we waited longer-than-expected for the finale.

In fact my friend and I ended up having to rush out to our Royal and Derngate show as the final two dishes - the excellent fish tacos chicken yakitori skewers - arrived with five minutes to spare.

Thankfully, the tacos came with me in a take-out bag, though the savoury wafts did create one or two funny looks from our theatre seat neighbours.

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While the bringing-food-out-when-it's-ready style of service could prove source of frustration for many, at Foodies Rocks it just seems to fit.

The filling dishes are best picked at together, enjoyed alongside a beer, a cocktail and devoured over a natter.

And if you would rather enjoy all your dishes in one go, you can pre-order food for collection.

So whether you want to play a bit of arcade Tekken and grab a snack before a show, or natter over a shareable feast, Foddies does indeed, rock.

Just give yourself a good hour to enjoy it.