Defiant letter to Northamptonshire rail depot developer: '˜My property will never be for sale'

A Northamptonshire resident whose home is threatened by plans for a gigantic rail depot has said she will never let developers onto her property let alone sell it.

Friday, 17th June 2016, 6:00 am

Jean Packham, of Towcester Road, Milton Malsor was written to by Rail Central agents King West saying they wanted to arrange access to her property for surveys.

But Mrs Packham is one of the many residents whose homes will be completely dominated by the site.

She wrote a letter back telling them there was no reason for her to co-operate.

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She said: “I was surprised by the content of your letter and the assumption that I would be willing to discuss both my property and to allow your company to access my land to carry out any kind of surveys.

“As a staunch opponent to this proposal - which will massively devalue my property and completely destroy the quiet idyllic and rural landscape around myself, my neighbours and my community - I see absolutely no reason to accommodate your requests in any way.

“I will also add at this time that my property will not be offered to you for sale now or at any time in the future.

“Please take note that any person accessing my land will be trespassing and I will without hesitation have them removed and potentially prosecuted.”

Mark Redding of Stop Rail Central action group said Mrs Packham is the only one 19 homeowners affected that have been contacted by King West.

He said: “Why has only this one person been contacted? Could it be because she owns 6 acres of paddock that might be in the way of their warehouses?

“The 12 residents of Railway Cottages have heard nothing despite the fact that metres of their properties. How could these people ever be protected from the disruption?”