Watch the destruction caused by speeding car "doing 100mph" that crashed into Northampton family's home

"My kids are petrified now. They won't even sit on the sofa in the front room because they are scared someone is going to crash into the house."

Friday, 19th March 2021, 3:10 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd March 2021, 12:14 pm

A Northampton father-of-five has slammed speeding cars that drive past his home after one vehicle "flew" into his property at what "felt like 100mph" while all of his family were asleep.

Ashley Ravengill, his wife, and children, were asleep in the early hours of Sunday morning (March 14) when a reportedly stolen, speeding car careered off the road and crashed into his and two of his neighbours' properties in Spencer Bridge Road, near St James Laundrette, at about 2.15am.

The 29-year-old dad said the incident which woke him up "felt like an earthquake".

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The perpetrators ran away, Ashley said

He said: "It felt like an earthquake. I jumped out of bed and I saw two young lads and they started running off. I tried to chase them but they were gone.

"A brick went through the window, it took my front door off, all the houses are damaged. It winds me up. My kids could have been sat in that front room. There was lots of police here. There must have been eight police cars, a fire engine and two ambulances."

The carpenter said police told him the car was stolen and reportedly doing 100mph before crashing into the property.

Ashley said: "Police said the car was stolen and that they were doing 100mph. It hit the bus stop and then the car rolled onto its roof. It hit my house and two others.

The car smashed into the wall

"My kids are petrified now. They won't even sit on the sofa in the front room because they are scared someone is going to crash into the house. My wife was just angry more than anything."

The father-of-five went on to say this incident is one of many speeding issues which happen "all the time" along Spencer Bridge Road.

Ashley said: "People just speed down here all the time, it doesn't matter what day it is. There's a lot of kids around here, it's a really built up area with a school around the corner. In the daytime people fly down here at 60mph, it's disgusting. I think something needs to be done about it, there needs to be a camera or more police."

As well as the emergency services, BT was also called out after the neighbourhood's wi-fi was affected, which has caused problems for people in the area to work from home.

Some of the aftermath

Northamptonshire Police and East Midlands Ambulance Service has been contacted for comment.

The car flipped onto its roof