The following people have been fined for dropping a cigarette on the street in Northampton town centre

The following people were fined £220, surcharge £30, costs £125 for dropping a cigarette in Northampton town centre:


Plotr Koziel, aged 32, of The Severn, Daventry

Zanda Kozlovska, aged 23, of Balfour Close, Northampton

Janis Kudinis, aged 32, of Kenmuir Crescent, Northampton

Vilmars Lietins, aged 28, of Waterpump Court, Northampton

Diamond Lucky, aged 24, of Artizan Road, Northampton

Nicolae Cristian Lungu, aged 24, of St Andrews Road, Northampton

Paul Mackhen, aged 46, of Foxwell Square, Northampton

Kyle Manning, of Washbrook Close, Northampton

Jade Martin, of Champions Field Way, Flore

Laurence McKin, aged 75, of Arthur Street, Northampton

Phillip McMullin, aged 35, of Pomfret Close, Northampton

Robert Mihailescu, aged 20, of Holly Road, Northampton

Mircea Mitache, aged 35, of Craven Street, Northampton

Andrei Necsulescu, aged 23, of Langdale Road, Northampton

Cornel Negru, aged 27, of Hampton Street, Northampton

Denise Nita, aged 43, of Great Holme Court, Northampton

Lorraine Nobes, aged 58, of Black Cat Drive, Northampton

Dorota Nowak, aged 31, of Derngate Apartments, Northampton

Jamie Pancouse, aged 29, of Morris Road, Northampton

Gabriel Percs, of Beech Avenue, Northampton

Emma Phillips, aged 39, of Reedway, Northampton

Jake Picton, aged 26, of Malcolm Terrace, Northampton

Lisa Pinkard, aged 40, of Woodland Close, Northampton

Claudiu Pirvan, aged 29, of Charles Street, Northampton

Lukas Prusinskas, aged 21, of Upper Thrift Street, Northampton

Catalin Purdel, aged 20, of Craven Street, Northampton

Cristian Randoroi, of Park Drive, Northampton

Rene Robins, aged 62, of Long Mallows Rise, Northampton

Elzbieta Rollaver, of North Holme Court, Northampton

George Serban, aged 28, of St James Park Road, Northampton

Guy Sharpe, aged 51, of Trinity Avenue, Northampton

Gary Smith, aged 54, of Arthur Street, Northampton

Kristine Stepane, of Southampton Road, Northampton

Kyle Stone, aged 20, of Fieldway, Northampton

Alecya Szymeowik, aged 33, of Barry Road, Northampton

Alexandru Tanase, of Symington Street, Northampton

Gary Thompsn, aged 65, of Gordon Street, Northampton

Demitrie Tirgo, aged 44, of Churchfield Close, Northampton

Alan Tumsvika, of Raymond Road, Northampton

Kataizyna Udeniy, of Alliston Gardens, Northampton

Mihai Vasilache, of Barsonson Gardens, Northampton

Claudiu Vasile, aged 28, of Overstone Road, Northampton

Ausahiu Virtosu, aged 32, of Derby Road, Northampton, dropped a cup

Victoria Watson, aged 32, of Semilong Road, Northampton

Labutis Meinardas, aged 20, of Argyle Street, Northampton

Stacey Miller, aged 31, of Prentice Court, Northampton

Daimrnt Mockrot, aged 23, of Delapre Road, Northampton

Mihai Oprea, aged 44, of Gray Street, Northampton

Michael Phelan, aged 47, of Lindsay Avenue, Northampton

James Shaukross, of Portland Place, Northampton

Details supplied by Her Majestys Courts & Tribunals Service

Details supplied by Her Majestys Courts & Tribunals Service