The following people have been fined for dropping a cigarette on the street in Northampton town centre

The following people were fined £220, surcharge £30 and costs £125 for dropping a cigarette in a public place:

Symone Andrews, aged 33, of Louise Road, Northampton

If you're caught littering in Northampton you could end up with a fine.

If you're caught littering in Northampton you could end up with a fine.

Stefan Astroe, aged 42, of Delapre Street, Northampton

Andrei Babykin, aged 38, of Victoria Road, Northampton.

Angela Bateman, aged 31, of Park Crescent East, Northampton

Kally Billington, aged 24, of Nearside, Northampton

Susan Bruce, aged 31, of Northwood Road, Northampton

Maks Ciempa, aged 18, of Thresham Green, Northampton

Miranda Daw, aged 47, of Church Street, Long Buckby

Luke Day, aged 35, of Campbell Street, Northampton

Laura Enea, aged 35, of Poole Street, Northampton

Karl Garrett, aged 41, of Holyrood Road, Northampton

Bobocle Georgiana, of Wellingborough Road, Northampton

Kimberley Harvey, of Salcey Street, Northampton

Mihail Ion, aged 32, of Charlton Close, Northampton

Tiffany Jade, aged 18, of Barrack Road, Northampton

William Miller, aged 21, of Broadmead Avenue, Northampton

Sami Nejim, aged 19, of Bassett Lowke, Northamptonshire

Anca Nicolescu, aged 31, of Perry Street, Northampton

Mirela Petricescu, aged 37, of Bolt Meadow Court, Northampton

Mohamed Rashid, aged 40, of Salisbury Street, Northampton

Robin Semark, aged 48, of Abbey Street, Northampton

Sally Shield, aged 58, of Derwent Drive, Northampton,

Daniels Skimants, of Derby Road, Northampton

John Spencer, aged 20, of Billing Road, Northampton

Yinis Stbins, aged 56, of Balfour Close, Northampton

Zanna Stepane, aged 43, of Archangel Square, Northampton

Zena Stepanova, aged 46, of Sulgrave Road, Northampton

Katarzyna Sutula, aged 44, of Salisbury Street, Northampton

Steven Teeboon, aged 54, of Greatmeadow, Northampton

John Toma, aged 31, of High Street, Northampton

Alexandra Vasilica, aged 21, of Simmington Street, Northampton

Modesta Vilde, aged 37, of Semilong Road, Northampton

Alexandra Watson, aged 31, of Drayton Walk, Northampton

Vladi Zgarden, of Balmoral Road, Northampton