The following people have been fined for dropping a cigarette on the street in Northampton town centre

Details supplied by Her Majestys Courts & Tribunals Service
Details supplied by Her Majestys Courts & Tribunals Service

The following people were fined £220, surcharge £30, costs £125 for dropping a cigarette in Northampton town centre:

Steve Boocock, aged 20, of West Ridge, Northampton

Ricardo Cozac, aged 23, of Lower Hester Street, Northampton

Bradley Egerton, aged 30, of Acre Lane, Northampton

Shane Fowler, aged 41, of Carol Trusler Mews, Northampton

Elena Gavrilu, aged 46, of St Leonards Road, Northampton

Andrei Ion, aged 30, of Tavistock Close, Northampton

Dihu Maria, aged 39, of Wellington Street, Northampton

Samuel Middleton, aged 28, of Hamsterly Park, Northampton

Rafael Mogsanu, aged 21, of Whiteland Road, Northampton

Lijana Paualuskaide, aged 22, of Pembroke Crescent, Northampton

Benjamin Perry, aged 21, of Tewkesbury Close, Northampton

Nicolae Popa, aged 47, of Cedar Road, Norhampton

Jordan Potter, aged 21, of Oleander Crescent, Northampton

Ion Vasile, aged 25, of Symington Street, Northampton

Mihai Vasile, aged 27, of Kettering Road, Northampton

Anthony Fletcher, aged 33, of Upper Cross Street, Northampton