Shocking video shows vandals' 'mindless' DESTRUCTION to 'rare' Mini car collection at Northampton family's home

"I am so upset that people have it in them to do this. It's like they have gone in and said 'how much damage can we do to these cars?'"

Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 5:30 pm

A Northampton family whose four 'sentimental' classic cars were destroyed by 'mindless' yobs are offering a £1,000 reward to anyone who can help find the culprits.

The thugs caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to the family's 'rare' car collection which includes a Mini Sky, Mini Rose, Mini Cooper and a Metro Rio, which were all parked at the back of their house in Honeysuckle Way, Abington Vale.

All four cars are now 'beyond the point of repair' and the owner of the Mini Sky, Anja McCormick, wrote an appeal on Instagram this weekend calling on the public to help her and her family bring the perpetrators to justice.

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The damaged Mini Sky

Anja, 27, said: "Anyone who knows me since school will remember the little classic Mini Sky that my grandad got for me just before he passed away.

"As you can see from the pictures, it's taken a huge beating, slabs thrown through the windows, lights smashed, roof hammered, and also an actual beating with a cricket bat embellished with nails.

"They have completely trashed all four cars. It makes me so sad that people can do something so nasty to something that holds such sentimental value to someone else.

"I have no idea why they've done it. As far as we are aware it's mindless destruction.

The damaged Mini Sky

"I am so upset that people have it in them to do this. It's like they have gone in and said 'how much damage can we do to these cars?'. The only thing they haven't done is burn them.

"The damage they have done is irreversible. Why have they done it? How would they feel if it happened to them? Where's the empathy? They've not got any at all."

Anja added that the perpetrators' weapon of choice - the cricket bat fitted with nails - was 'absolutely terrifying' to find.

The business development manager said she only heard about the destruction this Bank Holiday weekend, even though the incident happened sometime in the first 10 days of April.

The damaged Mini Cooper

She added: "I found out about it yesterday (Monday, May 3) because my dad was too upset to mention it at the time.

"Initially I was shocked but I have come to accept what's happened and have started an appeal. I've had so many people message to say 'hope you're ok'.

"My hope is, which is what my gut is telling me, they would have put it on Snapchat or Tik Tok to say 'look at what we've done'. My hope is if they've tried to show off that someone would have seen something."

Anja said her family is now offering a £1,000 reward to anyone who can find the people responsible.

The cricket bat fitted with nails used to cause some of the destruction

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: "This happened in Honeysuckle Way, Northampton, sometime between midnight on April 3 to 1pm on April 10.

"The unknown offender/s have broken into the garage and damaged four classic Minis with every window and panel smashed. We would appeal for anyone with information to come forward quoting ref number 21000196513."

Contact Anja at [email protected] if you have any information.

The damaged Mini Rose