Shocking CCTV shows chaotic moments armed gang ram-raid Northampton town centre jewellers

To anyone looking, the moment the white BMW mounted the pavement would have been confusing. But it would have become all too clear what was happening when the car straightened up and revved its engine.

Saturday, 21st December 2019, 6:00 am

The terrifying moments a stolen BMW crashed through the glass doors of a Northampton town centre jewellers in a 'meticulously-planned' smash-and-grab robbery were captured on CCTV.

It comes after the attack's masterminds, Elliot and Connor Burton, were convicted yesterday (December 20) of plotting the ram-raid robbery.Cameras inside the Gold Street store showed how the white BMW mounted the kerb outside Michael Jones before backing up, revving its engine and crashing through the front doors.

But this car was just the battering ram - because at the exact same time, a stolen blue Hyundai pulls up outside on Bridge Street.

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This is the moment five armed men piled into Michael Jones Jewellers in a bid to steal thousands of pounds of jewellery and watches.

From these cars, five armed men wearing masks pile into the store. Brandishing machetes, sledgehammers and axes, they grab armfuls of high-end watches and jewellery and stuff them into rucksacks.

The men are in the shop for less than 30 seconds before they stream out, pile into the blue Hyundai and speed down Bridge Street.

More footage shows how the getaway car mounted the pavement to escape, and a pedestrian had to leap out of the way and into the safety of a doorway to avoid the gang.

The five men then escaped to Auctioneers Court, Far Cotton, where they set fire to the blue Hyundai and got into a second prepared escape vehicle, a white Range Rover Evoque.

Elliot Burton (Left) and Connor Burton (right) were convicted yesterday of plotting the attack on Michael Jones Jewellers.

But even then, the robbers then drove to Buckingham University, where they again climbed into yet another escape car and torched the Range Rover before they left.

All the cars used in the attack were stolen in the weeks leading up to the robbery.

Elliot Burton, 50, and Connor Burton, 27 - both from Birmingham - were convicted of plotting the attack on Michael Jones Jewellers at Northampton Crown Court yesterday.

The court also heard how the attack on Northampton was only carried out because a similar raid planned for a jewellers in Swindon was foiled just weeks before.

Today, the jury also convicted Elliot Burton of plotting that robbery as well.

Connor Burton is also accused of planning the Swindon robbery, but the jury has not yet reached a verdict on whether he was involved.

The jury are expected to return a verdict over this on Monday.