Second defendant in Northampton rape trial tells jury 'she was kissing me back so that's consent'

The second defendant takes to the stand in Northampton rape trial

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 2:56 pm

The second defendant in a Northampton rape trial has used his chance to give evidence to say he thought the alleged victim was "loving it".

A trial is underway over the alleged rape of a woman at a Billing Brook bedsit at the hands of four men in August 2019.

Today (May 26) at Northampton Crown Court, one of the accused men used his time in the witness box to pour scorn on the alleged victim and claim she is lying about not giving consent that night.

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The second defendant in a Northampton rape trial used his time in the evidence box to pour scorn on the alleged victim.

Man accused of rape at Northampton bedsit asked woman if 'she felt violated' as he walked her to taxiDennis McGowan, of Mounts Court, told the court he thought the woman was attractive, before making a derogatory comment about her.

He said he was the last of several men to have sex with the woman but that she gave consent. He said he thought she was attractive, before making a derogatory comment about her to the court.

"She was loving it mate," he told the court.

McGowan told the court that he "tried chatting up" the girl after seeing her have sex with other men already at his bedsit in Mounts Court.

"I tried chatting her up," he said. "I just saw her have sex with other men so I thought I would try my luck.

"And, like, when you kiss that's consent isn't it? Like, she was kissing back."

It is the prosecution's case that the woman was plied with drinks before she was raped by four men at the flat.

The jury has already heard an hour-long audio recording that was made by the woman during the incident.

Around five minutes in, the woman is heard saying "no".

Afterwards, the woman asked to go to the bathroom, where she sat by herself for around 15 minutes, sobbing occasionally.

After leaving the flat in a taxi, the woman reportedly self-harmed in the vehicle and went immediately to Northampton General Hospital. She reported the alleged rape to the police the same morning. Neither defendant were arrested or questioned until six months later.

It comes after McGowan's co-defendant, John Cunningham, 28, of no fixed abode, finished his evidence this morning.

It is both men's cases that they each had sex with the woman consensually.

Bot men have refused to identify the other three men at the flat that evening.