Reports of a gun in an Audi A3 with the driver's hands chained to the steering wheel led armed police to surround car at busy Northampton petrol station

The rapper was filming a new music video when he was swooped on by armed police

Tuesday, 17th August 2021, 12:06 pm

A Northampton rapper was pulled over by armed police and held at gunpoint while filming a music video for his new song.

Northampton's Isacc Reilly, better known as Debe, was driving down Wellingborough Road on Thursday (August 12) at around 1am when he spotted a black BMW X5 behind him.

The 25-year-old stopped his car near Abington Park and let the BMW drive past him as he believed it was undercover police.

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Debe was held at gun-point at Westbridge Garage on Thursday (August 12) at around 1.30am

The rapper had fitted a 360-degree camera to the driver's side of his black Audi A3 to film the final scene for his music video 'Not Cops'.

Debe eventually pulled into Westbridge Garage, which is where he became surrounded by around 'five or six' police cars full of armed officers.

Armed police pointed their weapons at Debe, telling him to turn the engine off and step out of the vehicle.

The video shows the rapper calmly following the officer's orders and he even had a smile on his face while doing so.

Debe is a Northampton rapper and was filming a music video when he was stopped by armed police. Photo: Alex Potton

"I was thinking, 'are these lot serious?', 'is this a joke?', 'where did they all come from?'. They were all coming out of the woodwork. There was a guy filling up his car and he turned out to be armed police, too," Debe laughed.

Debe says the police must have thought the camera was a gun.

Northamptonshire Police have since said they were called by concerned members of the pubic who had reported seeing a firearm in the car with the driver's hands chained to the steering wheel.

Debe said: "I tried to keep cool because there was no other way - I was in quite a good mood that day. I was then just telling him I was taking my seatbelt off and that I'm not grabbing nothing.

The camera attached to Debe's car

"They had nothing to worry about, I'm not harming no one."

The former Duston School student was then told to get on the floor of the petrol station forecourt and put his hands behind his back, which he did.

While this was happening, Debe's manager was being ordered to get out of the back seat of the Audi, but he couldn't because of child lock on the doors.

Debe said: "It woke him up a bit [his manager]. He has never had trouble with the police in his whole life. The officer screaming at him to get out was proper apologetic after saying he didn't know the child lock was on.

Northamptonshire Police said they were called by concerned members of the pubic who had reported seeing a firearm in the car with the driver's hands chained to the steering wheel.

"They [police] asked me what I was doing, asked about my background. I told them I was shooting a music video. They kept us handcuffed for about 25 minutes."

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: "We received reports from members of the public that a firearm had been seen in a car which was travelling on the Wellingborough Road with the driver’s hands chained to the steering wheel.

"We deployed and stopped the car at Westbridge – it was searched and there was no firearm. The occupants were filming a music video."

Debe's song Not Cops is set to be released on August 20, and the rapper said he will be using the footage in the music video.

Visit his Instagram page here.