Police crackdowns on drugs, driving and domestic abuse send crime numbers soaring in Northamptonshire

Chief Constable hails officers' "phenomenal performance" as identified cases rise by one-third

Monday, 17th May 2021, 9:47 am
Updated Monday, 17th May 2021, 10:00 am

Police crackdowns on drug offences, domestic abuse and dodgy drivers led to a massive jump in identified crime across Northamptonshire during 2020.

The 33.8 per cent increase in 12 months to February 2021 took the total number of crimes in the county over 10,000 crimes, 2,529 higher than in the previous year.

But Chief Constable Nick Adderley says the rise is down to relentless efforts to REDUCE offending with "seismic" results from targeted operations including:-

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Drugs, domestic abuse and dodgy driving have been high on Northamptonshire Police priority list

■ #100Days of Action was launched in July and saw specialist teams make some highly significant arrests, including the leaders of a number of serious organised crime gangs. The operation resulted in a total of 145 warrants, 88 arrests and the dismantling of county lines drug networks.

■ In December last a campaign to clampdown on those wanted for high-harm domestic abuse, stalking and harassment saw 330 arrests – the highest number during any single month over the previous 12 months.

■ An extra ANPR cameras resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of vehicles stops leading to more traffic offences being detected.

Mr Adderley said: “By any standard, this has been a phenomenal performance by our officers.

Chief Constable NIck Adderley

"Domestic abuse, serious organised crime and roads policing were all priority areas which I set the Force in 2020 and, consequently, we have proactively gone out and relentlessly targeted those offenders, taking them off the streets and, in the process, seized large amounts of drugs, weapons and vehicles, securing convictions against the individuals concerned.

“The Covid pandemic did not stop our proactivity.

"We recognised the vulnerability lockdown created for victims of domestic abuse and for children and our campaigns encouraged reporting so we could act swiftly to arrest offenders and safeguard victims.

“I will shortly be announcing our Force priorities for the year ahead and, once again, we will strive relentlessly to go after those who cause misery in our communities and to protect vulnerable victims.

"Those prepared to go and commit crime should be under no illusion that we will be unrelenting in our mission to make Northamptonshire a hostile place for those prepared to cross that line.”