Owner of Northampton's Balti King believes vandalism is targeted racism following county election win

Mohammed Azizur Rahman's popular business was vandalised on the night he was elected as one of Kingsthorpe North's ward councillors

Friday, 21st May 2021, 9:31 am
Balti King's owner Councillor Rahman says his property was targeted by vandals following his election win.

A Northampton councillor believes it is no coincidence his business was targeted by vandals on the night he was elected.

Mohammed "Aziz" Azizur Rahman was elected to the new unitary authority earlier this month following on from serving on the borough council since 2011.

But his celebration was cut short when he returned to restaurant - Balti King, on Earl Street - to find each of its pane glass windows smashed.

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The Earl Street restaurant was vandalised following the County Elections on May 6.

Councillor Rahman cannot believe this is a random act - as it strikes too close to similar attacks he has faced after each election since 2011.

"We just had it done as well," the councillor told the Chronicle & Echo as he surveyed the damage. "I keep thinking it looks like gunshots. I found glass all the way at the back of the restaurant."

Balti King is currently undergoing renovations - the now-broken windows had only been installed last month at a cost of £9,000.

"I don't think it is isolated or random," said the councillor.


"After I was elected in 2011 the business was broken into twice in the space of two months. My home was broken into as well - all of my wife's heirloom jewellery from her family was stolen.

"I do think it's related to the elections and who I am. It follows too closely to how I have been targeted in the past after I am elected.

"The reason I became a councillor is because this community has supported me and my businesses and I wanted to give something back. The community around the restaurant helps one another out. It upsets me to think someone has done this."

Anyone with information about the vandalism can contact Northamptonshire Police and quote incident 0167 on May 16, 2021.