Faces of a few offenders jailed during May

Northamptonshire thugs, crooks and sex offenders all jailed in the not-so-merry month of May

Sentences range from 22 years for attempted murder to 12 months for threatening a witness

By Kevin Nicholls
Sunday, 30th May 2021, 7:00 pm

Here's the faces of a handful of Northamptonshire's biggest thugs, crooks and sex offenders all now detained at Her Majesty's pleasure after being sentenced during May.

They include jealous Radu Stavrache who beat his girlfriend in the street and then threatened to "send guys after her" if she didn't retract a statement she gave to police about the attack.

A judge at Northampton Crown Court jailed him jailed for 12 months for witness intimidation and common assault.

Andrew Shortland, 56, got four-and-a-half years after making a bogus claim for more than £8,000 in damages from the victim of a harassment case which saw him sent down in 2016

And drug dealer Brett James Franks 'cuckooed' a vulnerable man’s home to sell heroin and crack cocaine — and is now serving seven years.

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