Northamptonshire Police record more than 7,000 speeding offences in one month

Police are pleading with the public to slow down and help improve road safety.

By Megan Hillery
Wednesday, 21st October 2020, 2:43 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st October 2020, 5:24 pm

Officers from the Northamptonshire Police Safer Roads Team are urging all motorists to watch their speed after a total of 7,697 drivers were caught exceeding the speed limit on teh county's road network in September.

The majority of the offences were recorded by the Force’s Safer Roads Team’s mobile enforcement cameras. Of those 7,697 motorists, 5,482 were caught and 100 of those were deemed so serious that they were referred straight to Magistrates’ Court.

Nearly 600 drivers were caught exceeding the 70pmh speed limit on the A43 between Towcester and Silverstone last month. One of these motorists was caught driving at 122mph on that stretch of road.

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Northamptonshire Police reveal details of the speeding offences committed throughout September.

The highest number of speeding offences were detected on the A45 with nearly 900 motorists caught exceeding the limit at Stanwick and Higham Ferrers.

A further 534 offences were detected on the A5 Watling Street in Weedon and 413 on the A6 at Higham Ferrers. Other speeding hotspots were the A605 bypass at Thrapston (169), Bants Lane (163), A4500 Wellingborough Road (154) and B526 Newport Pagnell Road (141) all in Northampton.

More than 2,000 offences were detected on the county’s stretch of the M1, with a total of 1,085 motorists caught exceeding the speed limit on the Smart Motorway, between junctions 16 and 19.

A total of 1,121 offences were recorded in the average speed zones between the county boundary and junction 16.

The highest speed registered on the motorway was 137mph, which was recorded on the northbound carriageway between junctions 16 and 17, however 120 drivers in total were referred straight to Magistrates’ Court.

The September checks revealed that cars were the main offending vehicles with 7,121 drivers caught exceeding speed limits. Other offending vehicles consist of small goods vehicles (344), LGVs (148), motorbikes (60) and buses (10).

Most offences were committed on roads with 30mph speed limits with a total of 2,950 road users caught flouting the law.

Safer Roads Operations Manager, Matt O’Connell, said: “It’s always disappointing, despite all the campaigns and warnings about speeding, that so many drivers still choose to drive at excess or inappropriate speeds.

“We would urge motorists to think about their actions and drive at a speed suitable for the weather conditions and within the posted limit. We cannot be any clearer - speeding kills.

“It is one of the four biggest causation factors in collisions and driving even just a few miles per hour over the speed limit can have extreme consequences, leaving families devastated by the loss of loved ones.”

Those breaking the law have been reported for the offences and will be offered the opportunity to take an online course - if eligible - receive a fixed £100 fine and three penalty points on their license or - if preferred - the option to go to court.

Last year in Northamptonshire, 42 people were killed and a further 347 seriously injured on the county’s road network - the highest number recorded in eight years – which is why reducing these numbers remains a priority for Northamptonshire Police.

Earlier this month, Northamptonshire Police launched a new road safety campaign and, over the next three months, Operation Journey will focus on different road users in a bid to improve road safety in the county.